Thursday, 15 March 2012

'snap happy!' birthday print

Image copyright of Littletree Designs

Hello all, today is indeed Thursday the 15th of March which means the weekend is almost here but it also means it's my Dad's birthday! Now you may remember the other week me sharing the badges I had bought him from Cut Copy Create? And I explained how he is a complete camera I came up with the idea for this print as a little extra present as he is indeed 'snap happy!' when he has a camera to hand...If you are interested you can visit his flikr site here to have a look at his pictures, they're pretty darn good! But then I am a little biased...see you all tomorrow for this weeks pinterest picks...x


  1. Hi, happy birthday to your dad. Just been to have a quick look at his photos - you're not being biased, he is very talented! x

  2. Thanks! Thats so nice of you to say x

  3. Oh Rebecca that print is fab! You should be making those to sell to me! x


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