Thursday, 16 February 2012

littletree makes...button jar & tag

Hello all, yes it's almost Friday and it's also time for another 'make'...I have a double DIY today in the form of a frosted glass jar and matching tag made from super air drying clay! Now a little while back I got a mystery package that was filled with buttons and so I had started collecting them in a jar, well the jar was looking a bit sad and plain so I decided to jazz it up with a fancy tag and frosting the glass to say 'buttons' so today that is what I am sharing with you! Again it isn't a difficult DIY but I will just run through what I did...

1/ You will need...A clean glass jar, frosting spray, masking tape, cutting mat and knife.
2/ Lay strips of overlapping masking tape onto your cutting mat to build up and area large enough for you lettering.
3/ Draw on your letters.
4/ Carefully cut them out and gently ease the letters from the mat.
5/ Stick the letters to your jar and smooth down so no gaps appear.
6/ No spray your jar with the Frosting spray according to the instructions...preferably outside! If not then a well ventilated area.
7/ Leave to dry thoroughly and then you're done!

Instructions for the Clay Tag are below...

1/ Pick out lots of pretty buttons to press into your clay.
2/ Roll out your clay ( I used white DAS air drying clay) I did this on a non-stick kitchen mat so I could pick the clay up to remove from the backing if it got a bit sticky!
3/ Press in your buttons. You can press them all in at once and remove them carefully later or stick a blob of blue tack to the button and use as a stamp.
4/  Using a cookie cutter cut out your disks of clay, whilst still damp use the end of a straw to cut a hole for hanging. 
5/ Leave to dry overnight somewhere warm.
6/ When dry you may notice some rougher edges, just lightly sand these with some fine sandpaper or even an old emery board!
7/ Done! Paint any colour and hang them up!

Above are a few more I made at Christmas and can easily be adapted for personalised gift tags with names and in various shapes. Cookie cutters work really well as they come in so many various designs and as long as they are washed thoroughly afterwards can still be used for baking! I hope you have enjoyed these DIY's and with the weather still set to be miserable they may come in handy over the weekend! Enjoy!x


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