Wednesday, 15 February 2012

a little commission...

A little break from the DIY madness today...This print has been commissioned by the lovely Anna Dean of the Patchwork Peacock, who you may remember from my visits to the Made It Market, if not then refresh your memory here! It is a print in celebration of both her and her husband finishing their PhD's this year, hers is Neuroscience and his Maths, seriously clever eh? And Anna does all of her Patchwork stuff too! So I just thought I would share how it is coming along...Anna loved my ampersand from the 'me&you' valentines card I designed so I had to incorporate that! They love their tea so a pair of steaming mugs had to make an appearance and both of their initials are 'A' which works perfectly in balancing the print, how handy...she also like the colourway of the card so I have stuck with the black, white and red theme. The first print is the chosen design but I thought you may like to see the others...I'm thinking about offering this as a custom service on Etsy (Anna's idea!) what do you think?x

PS- Anna has said I can post this now rather than after she has given it to her husband, it is supposed to be a surprise, apparently he doesn't check the internet much so I should be safe! I hope so Anna!x

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  1. It looks great - I love the ampersand too! And yes, definitely offer a custom service on Etsy. x

    PS well done Dr and Dr. Phew, seriously clever...

    PPS Have you thought about turning the ampersand into a poster? It's such a lovely graphic, it would look great big. x


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