Friday, 13 January 2012

pinterest pick of the week...

Now you may have already guessed from the pic above what this weeks pinterest picks might be about...MUGS! This time of year it's so cold and grey the only comfort is a cup of tea and who wants a boring old mug? The prettier the better! Infact I sometimes find it hard which mug to choose because, for some reason, it does make a difference to the tea experience! This weeks board is 'mugs-an addiction' (so true!) by Emily Walker and this lady is addicted indeed! There were sooo many pics to choose from but here are the final selection...grab a cuppa, put your feet up and get some mug love!x

This mug is so cute I would drink out of it everyday! As usual click on the links above for sources! 
Hope you all have good weekends...x

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  1. Good job on spreading the mug love. Nice post ! bR X


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