Monday, 30 January 2012

littletree discovers and loves...They Draw & Cook

Welcome to another week...Hope you all had lovely weekends and if you didn't (aww) then hopefully this post will cheer you right up and if you did then this will still make you smile! Two of my favourite things to do in the whole world are 1) doodling and 2) cooking! So this web find was like reaching the holy grail of wonderfulness...

The Book

They Draw & Cook is an amazing site filled with great illustrated recipes from designers, artists and avid doodlers all over the world! Started by Nate and Salli after they decided to make a book of illustrated recipes for friends and family, this then turned into a blog and then huge global website! Now anyone can submit a recipe/design for the website and maybe end up in one of their next books! Here are a few favourites which I had great fun choosing! I have put a link to each recipes' page on TDAC and then the artists own site if they have one...maybe you will find a new design crush while your at it?! Really hope you enjoy this one!x

Candy Sushi by Kaitlyn McCane /

Espresso Granitas by Nate Padavick / StudioSSS

Pancakes by Gloria Melo / Glorias Portfolio

Classic Cupcakes by Adam James Turnbull / Adam James Turnbull Studio

Brownies by Celeste Gagnon / Blog

How cute is the cat in this Brownie recipe by Celeste?! Sweet x


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  2. This is a lovely site! I also just discovered 'They Draw and Travel' last week... So much talent out there!

  3. Oh wow.. I love this. Looks like so much fun!


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