Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas in the littetree household...

Hello there! Welcome back, I thought today I would show you a few pics of the decorations that have gone up around my house!  Below are my Ikea buys from a few weeks ago which I have grouped together with some other paper baubles to make a sort of paper themed corner, I feel this is a collection that is only going to get bigger year after year! And my very first present this year from my mum, the Paperchase christmas's sooo cute! I love the old fashioned style decorations and it fits perfectly on my desk!

My newest acquisition is this glass christmas tree, it has a lid to it and so I had to fill it with something, so these silver baubles are perfect as they catch the light and shimmer slightly. It was very tempting to fill it with sweets but it's quite large and would take a lot of packets! I'm sure I'll try something different every year as it is so versatile!

The bird garland is new this year too and we've added a few bells for that extra special jingle noise...the Tree is my favourite thing to do at Christmas and this year we tried something different using simple wood and tin ornaments with pops of red, white and green and I'm really please with it's slightly scandi look!

Well there we have it! All decs up, everything shimmers, sparkles or jingles...what's your favourite thing to decorate at Christmas?x


  1. Oh that Paperchase Xmas tree! I've just come back from London but did not see it :(


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