Friday, 4 November 2011

pinterest pick of the week...

Say hello to another weekend and to another pinterest pick of the week! With a pretty miserable weekend predicted for us here in the UK (so much for Bonfire Night!) I am cheering myself up with this weeks picks which are all based on the miracle wonder substance that is Nutella! I AM OBSESSED with Nutella, I like it straight from the jar (I'm such a lady) or on hot brioche rolls, yum, anyone else a Nutella freak? For those of you with more manners and restraint than I here are a few other recipe ideas using the chocolate wonder spread! There are amazing looking meringues, souffles and a mousse, plus a rather odd but intriguing concoction... This board is from Sabine Curter and is of course called Nutella Love...x

Pumpkin, Banana and Nutella Bread

And last but not least...bacon smothered in Nutella...oh my days!
As usual check out the links above for sources!


  1. Bacon covered in Nutella sounds pretty rank but at the same time, amazing.

  2. Oh me oh my! I’m a Nutella freak too...can’t go a day without it (although I’m like that with Marmite too....not that I would ever combine the two...there’s a shop in London that does Marmite chocolate - woah)! Anyway, off the subject there. Back to Nutella. Yum and yes I would happily try every one of these, even the bacon. Off to make Nutella on toast right this minute :) Have a great weekend!

  3. oh lordi! what are those amazing little balls with nutella poking out? amazeballs! x


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