Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Etsy Christmas...Decorations

Day two of our Etsy Christmas extravaganza! Today I've put together another five amazing shops with beautiful baubles galore! This was a really hard choice to whittle down to just a few shops, I had so many that I liked! In the end I went for one with each different type of material, so fabric, paper, wool, wire and ceramic. I particularly love the snowflake paper balls by Sarah Louise Matthews, just so stunning and intricate, I have no idea how she makes them! Do you have any faves?x

Nina's Apartment

Sarah Louise Matthews

Baban Cat

Beth Parry

Mels Turkish Delights
You know what? I love them all! One of each please...x


  1. Lovely picks! Esp. like Nina's Apartment!

  2. i really really badly want an xmas yarn wreath! i am just too lazy to buy one and too cheap to buy one tho haha!!

  3. Just popped by to say thank you.

  4. The wreath looks amazing!!! I really would love to make one of these but I really dont have the time with communing to work and back. Do you think I could find something similar at a christmas decoration shop?


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