Thursday, 6 October 2011

more ice-cream and some notecards...

After last weeks mini summer in the uk you may remember I designed a trio of prints based around jelly, ice-cream and lollipops...well as the sun continued to beat down all I could think of was cold, cold ice-cream and it got me thinking about all of my childhood favourites, so the seed of an idea was planted and this print of them all was what grew! The annoying thing now is that a '99' flake definitely does not cost 99p anymore! Which of the two versions do you like? The one with price stickers or without...I can't decide!

Another little project I've been working on is some note cards as a gift for a friend (this is the friend that's on holiday at the moment, hope she doesn't peek on here when shes back!)  Her parents recently moved to Spain so I thought a little set of cards to write would be a nice change from e-mailing back and forth, plus it's a nice way to send pictures or other little extra gifts!

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