Monday, 24 October 2011

littletree visits...Power of Making at the V&A

A happy Monday to everyone, hope you've all had nice weekends? I was in London this past Friday on a spur of the moment visit to the V&A where they had a fab exhibition called the Power of Making, which is a collaboration with the Crafts Council to celebrate making and crafting in our lives.There were some absolutely amazing sights to behold, from the enormous silver back gorilla made entirely from coat hangers that greets you at the entrance to a pretty ceramic eyepatch, a lifesize crochet bear and a super delicate sugar sculpture...unfortunately there was no photography in the exhibition but I've managed to find a few pics on the V&A website.

Michael Rea, Prosthetic suit for Stephen Hawking with Japanese Steel
'Alphabet', pencil-tip structures, Dalton Ghetti, USA. Photo by Sloan T. Howard Photography
These pencil lead carvings by Dalton Ghetti are just so amazing up close, you just don't realise how tiny they are and of course the patience required! I have a few other pictures of his work here on pinterest. There was also a huge wall sized piece of knitting, a lace work chainlink fence and a mind boggling machine designed just for the purpose of decorating spherical objects such as eggs...hmm, on top of everything else we had a lovely afternoon tea in the amazing surroundings of the V&A cafe (below) this picture doesn't even begin to show the grandeur of this amazing place! So if your out and about in London then do stop on by!x

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