Tuesday, 27 September 2011

'Treats' prints...

Hello Tuesday! I find Tuesday to be a very forgotten day...Monday is yuk, beginning of the week and then by the time Wednesday comes around it's all hey half-way through! So today I have decided it's Jolly Tuesday and to make it all very jolly indeed I am sharing some new print ideas with you all, spiffy eh?!

Now I know summer is over but I had a small burst of summer design madness and created these pastel, candy coloured 'Treats' prints. You all know how much I love tea and cake (sometimes a little too much...) but in the summer it's all about the ice cream! And seeing as our summer here never really took off I guess it was my subconscious craving an icy treat! From there came jelly (jelly & icecream-classic combo) and then those giant lollipops that you get at all the stalls on the seafront, sigh...maybe summer will happen next year? Probably not... what's your favourite summer treat? x

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