Friday, 30 September 2011

pinterest pick of the week...

A very happy Friday to everyone! Hope it's sunny where you are? Surprisingly for the uk we are having a little Indian summer this week so it has been glorious and I'm finding it very hard to resist the temptation to just sit in the garden with a book...sigh...anyway onto this weeks pinterest pick. Today is all about my love of paper (I have a small obsession with brown paper...I have a special white pen to draw on it with, worrying I know!) so of course a board named 'Paper Love' was bound to catch my eye! It has been lovingly curated by Moline and again it has been so hard for me to choose only a handful of images from all of the amazing pictures shes collected! Well I hope you all have a lovely weekend with lot's of fun things planned and I hope to see you next week! Enjoy...x

 How beautiful is this papercut decoration? Absolutely stunning...
As usual click on the links at the top for the full board and sources. x

PS - You may have noticed just underneath my blog logo a new tab for my very own Pinterest page! Yes I know was it really a wise move? Well I'm hoping to actually use it as a proper pinboard seeing as I don't have room for a lovely large one on my wall at home. It's still very new (only started yesterday!) so I have just pinned a few random favourites but I'm sure this will grow, what am I saying? I guarantee it will grow! Probably out of control and then there will be some sort of pinterest intervention from friends and family...either way have a look around and try not to get too addicted!x


  1. I think we should be pinterest buddies! I love pinterest! Oh and love the first photo you put up "Paper love". It inspires me to make something like that! Anyways love the photos you posted! :)

  2. OMG what an amazing bunch of picks! LOVE Pinterest and I get lost there for HOURS. What, dinner? Um, take out, yeah, let's do that. Woops.


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