Tuesday, 13 September 2011

littletree loves...pyrex!

above images from Lolabags by Ana Herda

Hello all, as some of you may know I am rather partial to anything retro, especially if it is for the kitchen! Some of my favourites are my Pyrex dishes, I love the patterns and colours plus they're so practical and last forever so you can use them everyday! Today I thought I would share some of the lovely Pyrex pieces I am craving at the moment over on Etsy, plus a couple of designers that love Pyrex so much they have created artwork and products based on the classic kitchenware. Above are a few prints designed by Ana at Lolabags, I really like the bold colours and simplicity of these designs which capture the era of most Pyrex designs, these would certainly brighten up any kitchen wall.

Pyrex Refrigerator Dishes at SweetSmilingSherri
3 Nestling Mixing Bowls at Lucilles Attic

Above: I am loving the print on these two dishes, from the 'Friendship' Pyrexware collection. These are from Fragile Kats, they also have lots of other vintage goodies in their shop too.

Below: These pretty prints, notecards and magnets are by Erin Ink, I love the cute sketchy drawings and the way the pictures have been styled.

And finally, who would have thought it, a Pyrex dish lampshade! I want, want, want! This is by 
Boots N Gus, who also make other crazy lighting from mason jars and Tupperware!

Hope you haven't minded me sharing my bizarre obsession with you, I know it is a little odd but clearly I am not alone out there with the Pyrex loving as some of these pictures prove! Anyway enough day dreaming about retro kitchenware, it's out of my system now I promise...better get on with some work!x


  1. v cute cards. a girl after my own heart. x

  2. Rebecca, thank you so much for featuring my prints, cards and magnets on your blog! I am honored!

    --Erin {erinink.etsy.com}


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