Thursday, 4 August 2011

littletree loves...Adore Home Magazine Aug/Sept Issue

Image from Adore Home Magazine Blog
I think that this has been my favourite issue of Adore to date so far! I've just spent the last hour or so 'flicking' though it's virtual pages with a cup of tea and this issue just has something for everyone! One particular feature was on a fantastic design hotel in Athens called the Semiramis, I think my jaw literally dropped! When you see the pictures you will see why, it has defiantly shot to the top of my 'must visit' places in the world. Athens would be an amazing city to visit anyway but staying in such a hotel would really be the cherry on the cake! I wish I was lounging by that amazing multicoloured pool right and drink in hand...anyway back to reality and this very wet thursday!


  1. What a gorgeous magazine! I was in need of some inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think your article is very convincing as it is not as convincing as my article you can see here


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