Thursday, 18 August 2011

littletree discovers...stationary at Accessorize

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I was out and about shopping yesterday when I walked past Accessorize, as always their window displays are so lovely it is impossible not to go in and take a browse! Apart from all the lovely bags, purses,scarves, shoes and jewelry that is always so fabulous (very tempted not to buy everything...had to restrain myself) I also noticed a lovely range of stationary! I have seen stationary in Accessorize before but this time there was such a lovely selection of different ranges and products! They are obviously aiming at the 'back to school' market like other big brands such as Paperchase and in the future I can definatly seeing them expanding more into the stationary market if their products are this good! Oh and another little Accessorize discovery was a cosmetics range in Superdrug, all adorned with beautifully designed packaging...ok the Accessorize love in is over now, but do please pop over to check out their website. x

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