Monday, 18 April 2011

retro flowers...

So, actually got some work to show you after a long while! I've spent ages just tweaking these designs, getting the colours right, I will admit I am little addicted to grey and mustard yellow combos at the moment but felt this palette need a little lift and the navy and dusty blue does just that. It gives it a fresh and spring-like feel. The designs are inspired by retro kitchenware patterns used by companies like Hornsea and Pyrex back in the 50's and 60's, so the mustard yellow is a nod to those eras. We also have an amazing american pyrex style bowl at home (I always use it to mix muffins in for some reason! And they always turn out great so maybe it holds some american muffin mojo...) The bowl has a lovely flower design in a beautiful blue, which was inspiring for both the colour and the pattern! Mmm...muffins...might have to whip some up later!

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  1. you're welcome, i like to be reminded of lovely blogs! these are gorgeous. like the first and second ones especially. i'm also a grey and yellow fan. the bottom one reminds me of 50s kitchen formica.


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