Thursday, 24 March 2011

Inspirational Posters...

So I have to be honest after my competition applications a few weeks ago I havn't done much work, a few bits and pieces here and there, ideas in progress etc...I have been working overtime at my paid job so thats some sort of excuse! So the other night after having a little browse around I got some inspiration from a post on Rachael Taylors blog. She had posted some lovely images and inspirational messages from her Pinterest site and it got me thinking what my personal life motto would be, of course the immediate ideas came from tea and cake (how very english of me...) They were obviously inspired by the 'Keep Calm Carry On' craze that has swept the uk in the past few years but for me I like the clean neat font and simple design look of the original poster designs. And I really do believe that tea is the cure for everything!

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