Hi I'm Rebecca, I am a surface pattern designer but interested in all things design, fashion, interiors, food and so on...I studied Printed Textile Design at DeMontfort University in the lovely city of Leicester and have now decided to branch out and try to sell my designs and wares to the people of the world! If you have seen some of my work here I also have a website with my full current portfolio just click on the link above.

This blog is a place for all things that inspire and excite my creativity, anything that I feel other like minded people might enjoy (well I hope they do!) and general creative, crafty stuff! I am a self confessed stationary addict, to which Paperchase is the holy grail...I also love a massive cup of tea, a giant wedge of cake and plenty of rummaging at car boot sales!

If you are a designer/crafter/maker/baker/vintage lover and think the readers here at Littletree Designs would like to know about you or your blog/shop? Please keep in mind I will only post things I think my readers will enjoy, have a look through the blog first to see what I usually post about...still think we would love your stuff? Then drop me an e-mail on the address below!

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at littletreedesigns@hotmail.co.uk. I would love to here from you!

Rebecca x

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