Thursday, 30 January 2014

a new member of the family...

In November we lost our family dog Jess. She had been ill (although it was never discovered what was wrong exactly) and after a few weeks we decided it was best for her to be put to sleep. The picture above is of her curled up in a basket that is really far too small for her...

Nala our cat wouldn't admit it but she missed Jess and the opportunity to torment her on a regular basis...cats will be cats! So we decided after Christmas that we would find her a little comes little Eva. 

Evas' mother was found pregnant in an empty shop, luckily by an avid cat lover, and so she was rescued and taken home to have her kittens safely. Four months on and little Eva has a new family here with us and although it's only been two weeks it is safe to say she has made herself at home...and more importantly Nala has a new friend. x

All photos taken from my Instagram



  1. Aww so sweet! And so unusual for cats to like company especially other cats like that!

  2. so sweet, and so sad. x


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