Monday, 30 April 2012

littletree joins the art & business of surface pattern design...

Image HERE

Good Monday everyone! How was the weekend for you? Today I have put together a little colour palette based on a fabric by one of my all time favourite designers Lucienne Day. I just love her style, use of colour and her work is probably one of the reasons I became a designer! I am sharing this today because one week ago exactly I signed up and started my journey towards becoming a real (hopefully paid) surface pattern designer! How exciting! The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design is run by super talented designer Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls of the company Do What You Love which specialises in e-courses and retreats for those of us who want to do what we love for life!

Although I have a degree in printed textile design that was a fair few years ago now and as much as I'm happy with how my work looks it could do with a little more direction towards an individual style. The industry has changed so much since I graduated and we never did cover much of the 'what to do after university' side of things anyway, so I can't wait to get into more of the business how to's, licensing and selling my designs!

So over the next few months I will do a few regular posts here to keep you updated on how things are going with the course but as things get busier I may not be blogging as much...but I hope you still stop by, see how I'm doing and comment, I always enjoy reading them! Have a good week everyone!x


  1. Good luck I have often wondered how that course is.

  2. That sounds brilliant Rebecca - I wish you all the best with it. Sure you'll do some more amazing prints! x

  3. That sounds great, good luck with it. look forward to seeing how you get on. Have a great week xx

  4. Good luck, sounds like a great thing to do. Hope you keep us all updated! x

  5. Thanks everyone, so nice to hear your support and I will keep you all updated on how it goes!x

  6. What a beautiful colour palette and all the best - I'm sure all will be fine.


    Nina x

  7. So it seems we may be the same person, reading you last sound very much like me...having also studied printed textiles back in the day feel a bit lost in it all now. Looking at our profiles is a bit spooky too..I am also a lover of tea and cake.ha ha . Anyway hope the course goes really well for you ..I am still trying to teach myself designing on a computer..usually more of a pencil and paper kind of girl...Good luck..Claire

  8. that sounds great! looking forward to seeing how it goes, keep us posted. lucienne day was also really inspiring to me too, saw an exhibition at the barbican in the mid 90s i think, and that was it. that's one of my fave patterns of hers. x


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