Wednesday, 14 November 2012

littletree discovers...yay retro!

Fiesta Coffee Set HERE

**I am warning all vintage/retro lovers now that this post contains an amazing amount of lovely vintage gorgeousness and that purses should be safely out of arms reach in case of serious inpulse spending!**

All done? Good, now with that out of the way I feel it is safe to share with you my most recent shop discovery...Yay Retro! The name makes me smile and even once you have 'stepped inside' the smiles just keep on the prices are very reasonable, two the styling of the photos with the fab wallpapers is awesome and three the people behind Yay Retro just have an eye for the best vintage china, glassware and kitchenalia around! 

I'm a little in love with this coffee set above and at £30 you can see why! If you have a friend who loves their vintage and you want to get them a little something for Christmas (or even if you just want to treat yourself!) then here are my favourite £10-£15 Gift Ideas... if you are feeling super retro...

 Hope you enjoyed this retro-fest, I'm sure it's safe to bring out the purses now...or maybe not...x
All images from Yay Retro


  1. Oh I love them - I discovered this recently too and seriously had to lock my debit card away! So many beautiful pieces. I'm going to sell some stuff on Ebay and then treat myself. x

  2. Oh My Goodness!!!!!!!!! The Gayden Pastel Green Trios have just gone on my wish list, I am resisting looking at their site as I am suposed to be painting my hallway, lol. I shall save it as a reward to myself, along with the cup of tea! x

  3. ok. i'm going in. i may be some time. x

  4. Gorgeous! I love Yay Retro!


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